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looking for guys that flew with my uncle in pacific (msg id: 2045)
hello my name is joe davis.i have been trying to find any of the pilots that flew with my uncle in the pacific in the spring of 1945.he trained in texas and was flying near japan when shot down and killed.it has bothered me all my life that my research has found nothing on him.i have his name .all 4 brothers served in ww2 .all but the youngest are gone now and i need to just try and find 1 pilot he flew with to tell me a little about him.thanks for any info.his name was joseph p davis from gainsville texas.

Posted By: joe davis on 03/13/2010 3:26:00 PM EST

Anyone Know Lt. Rosenblum? (msg id: 2044)
I was looking for anyone who knew my father, Lt. Alan Rosenblum who flew P-51s in England. Any infor would be greatly appreciated.

Posted By: Michael Rosenblum (mrosenbl@mdanderson.org) on 02/21/2010 10:06:28 AM EST

Leather USAAF unit patches made (msg id: 2043)
Hello all pilots/crew/collectors, I make custom order WW2 Leather flying unit patches,USAAF/USN/USMC, your choice $45.00+$3.00P&H.
For some photos of my work go to this site please,
leatherworker.net look under the "Our Gallery"
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Posted By: Johnny (WeBeEmblems@aol.com) on 02/20/2010 8:14:41 PM EST

Wesley Hart and a p 51 named yvonne (msg id: 2042)
Looking for any pics or info on a plane named Yvonne. I now he flew with the 356 8th div.Any info would be great.He is still living and would like to find out more.

Posted By: Dave on 01/17/2010 7:13:30 PM EST

Dan ("DC:) Hamer (msg id: 2041)
My father, Dan or DC Hamer was a US Air Force figher pilot in the 40s and 50s. I would love to find someone who knew him who could tell me anything about his flying career. He flew in WW2 and the Korean war. I know he was in Burma. Any ideas out there?

Posted By: Janet Hamer Stein (janetstein2@aol.com) on 01/12/2010 11:38:36 AM EST

JACK HORACE COLLIE (msg id: 2040)
My uncle flew a P51 in WWII. Was shot down over Japan near the end of the war. Any info greatly appreciated.

Posted By: Jackie Christian on 12/15/2009 10:07:49 PM EST

56th Figher Group (msg id: 2039)
I am looking for any information on my my Grandfathers brother who was a Pilot, 2Lt. Richard A. Albert of 63rd Figher Squadron,attached to the 56th Fighter Group. He was killed in action February 5, 1944. If anyone knows of any web-sites with images dipicting this paticular Fighter Squadron it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Posted By: Jason Guy (jguy1028@aol.com) on 10/22/2009 10:54:08 AM EST

P51 (msg id: 2038)

Posted By: MIKE JOHNSON (blknk1422002@yahoo.com) on 10/16/2009 12:34:10 AM EST

Info about the P-51 and pilots Burma WWII (msg id: 2037)
My father Lt.Col. William V. McGucken served in Burma during WWII and i am trying to gather information about on this campaign. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!! He flew a P-51

Posted By: Lee McGucken on 06/05/2009 11:40:13 PM EST

daughter of P51 Mustang Pilot of WWII (msg id: 2036)
My father, Julian Burton "Burt" McGee (now 88 yrs) flew a P51 Mustang named the Fiddle-de-dee. He says that everyone else was naming their planes after women. I told him that I remember that his Mom, my grandmother, had a saying she used quite often and it was 'well, fiddle-de-dee". He now has a golf cart given to him by my sister and brother-in-law and it bears the name "Fiddle-de-dee". My nephew has a tattoo of some artwork Dad had on the side of his plane.

Dad wrote a bit of what he remembered of his 90+ issions and our local newspaper ran an article on him on Memorial Day about 3 years ago. I have several photos of him with his plane and my nephew (who was in Desert Storm) located a photo of Dad's plane in the air.

He would like to know if any of his buddies are still alive, especially one he calls "Maggert".

Posted By: Sandy McGee on 08/21/2008 1:14:58 AM EST

367th fighter sqdn 358th fighter group during WWII (msg id: 2035)
can anybody help with my reserch regarding the above.I am looking for plane names,pilots and noseart.Any help would be much appreciated.

Posted By: Kim Bailey on 07/22/2008 7:16:29 PM EST

October 30th 1944 (msg id: 2032)
An AVRO LANCASTER WP/Y took off from 90 Squadron RAF Tuddenham Call Sign "Sing High" in Suffolk England at 09:10 British time to attack Wesseling, between 11am and 1pm flying on only 2 engines and alone in the sky in broad daylight and severley crippled 3 unidentified Mustangs closed in and escorted the crippled Lancaster till over the North Sea and safe, the surviving Canadian pilot, rear gunner and navigator would like to find out if any of the Mustang pilots are still alive and could thank them, so would I, the Flight Engineer nursing the aircraft was my late father.

Posted By: Michael Wooldridge (singhigh90@btinternet.com) on 03/09/2008 2:14:34 PM EST

(msg id: 2031)
i am looking for information on 1Lt Esteban Terrats Acha,from 339th Fighter Group,killed in a bomber escort mission to Rushland Germany and was shot down over Schlamau on March 2,1945.He was flying a P-51.Any information as to how ithappenned will be apprecaited.

Posted By: Frank Baco (boldpilot@pilotsweb.com) on 02/17/2008 7:38:01 PM EST

Looking for MIA info on Casper Haboian, 363 Tact Recon (msg id: 2030)
I am the nephew of Casper Haboian, an uncle I never knew, who was a P51 pilot that was MIA on Mar 18, 1945. I am looking for any info on his last mission, plane, possible crash location, or pictures of him from war. Please help if you can - reply to mhaboian@frontiernet.net.

Data from US Govt report, MACR # 1351:

Casper was part of 363d Tactical Reconnaissance Group, 160th squadron. His aircraft:
Aircraft Type: F6B
Serial Number: 42-106728
Nickname of Aircraft: Cotton Tail, with a picture of a duck.
Engines: type-model-series V-1650-3
Engine Number: 49-49489

MACR 1351
Reported MIA on 18 March, 1945 by 1st Lt. Laurence H. Martin, who flew with Casper in a separate plane on this mission 18 March, 1945. They never re-connected over Cologne after heavy flak. Casper was lost between Cologne and Siegen, Germany, on the extreme east end of their assigned area (F-8567).
There is a crash site near this area, at 51^02’42”N, and 08^13’14”E, where parts of a plane were found, but not sure if this was Casper’s plane. His mission may have been to either Gummersbach or Kreuztal.

Thank you for any help you might provide.

Posted By: Mark Haboian on 02/05/2008 9:30:01 PM EST

Van Drimmelen (msg id: 2029)
Leo Van Drimmelen was a p-51 pilot and am looking for any information about his group and or missions. He has just recently passed away and I have pictures of him standing next to his p-51. Would like to know more about him and his service.

Posted By: Steve Christophel (schristophel@sbcglobal.net) on 01/19/2008 6:38:59 PM EST

Wonderful! (msg id: 2028)
GREAT WEB SITE! We have added a link to our monthly newsletter so that more veterans can be made aware of this tremendous resource. Also, please visit our web site to learn about hidden benefits you are eligible for and how to increase your service-connected compensation or VA pension.

Posted By: Rance Jurevwicz, Capt., USA, Ret (veteranprograms@aol.com) on 01/17/2008 10:06:48 AM EST

Langford (msg id: 2027)
Does anyone know anything about H T Langford. He was a p-51 pilot, but is not listed on this web site.

Posted By: Lisa653 on 01/07/2008 2:20:56 PM EST

352ND fIGHTER sQUADRON (msg id: 2026)

Posted By: CLIFF BOCHE on 01/02/2008 4:07:24 PM EST

Info on a Harry White (msg id: 2025)
My husband now deseased who use to fly a P51 with the name White on the side is I believe being restored. Does anyone know who now owns it and restoring it. I would love to see it again
Any help much appreciated.

Posted By: now a widow Betty Mactaggart (White) (het15@yahoo.com) on 09/17/2007 8:26:33 PM EST

John R "Jack" Thompson 325th fighter group (msg id: 2024)
Does anyone remeber my great uncle. He was killed July 27, 1944 over Hungary in a P-51C. He was in the 325th fighter group, 318th squadron.

Posted By: James Dack (roseyposeyclothes@yahoo.com) on 08/04/2007 2:20:36 AM EST

Looking for my father, Joseph L Branley (msg id: 2023)
My husband and I recently watched a wonderful documentary on the Millville Aviation Museum and the P-147 pilots which led us to this site. My husband, Joseph L Ballard has been searching for his father, a WWII fighter pilot from Pennsyvania, (possibly Philadelphia) who was stationed at Alo (Aloe) Field, Victoria, TX in 1945 - 1946. Joseph L Ballard, b.4/22/46, mother Patti Falcon. Thank you for any information. Trinity3inone@yahoo.com or jbcarburetors@jbcarburetors.com

Posted By: Norma Ballard on 08/02/2007 3:54:48 PM EST

Anyone who knew Lt Thomas Epley, 361st ftr sqd (msg id: 2022)
I am looking for anyone who may have known my father, 1lt Thomas Epley, assigned to 361st Ftr Sq, Martlesham Heath, 1944 thru most of 1945. I am also trying to find what happend to his aircraft, serial 44-15063, QI-E, a P-51D. There are a couple of accident reports on it, one for may 20th, 1945, and the other for Sept 7, 1945. No name or description given. Aircraft name was "Toots", after his sister. Dad came from Brownwood, Tx. Photo posted on Martlesham Heath website.

Posted By: John A. Epley (jrod21061@aol.com) on 06/14/2007 8:47:29 PM EST

Thanks from a Lancaster Crew 30 Oct 1944 (msg id: 2021)
I received this letter from my fathers pilot, after reading it I would like to add my thanks to those 4 Mustang pilots otherwise I migh have been orphaned at 6 years old.

The following happened 30 Oct 1944 target Wessling. Lancaster "Y"( it's only identification) flying from RAF 90 sgd 3 group Tuddenham England. Perhaps you will print my note below and just maybe one of the Mustang Pilots involved will recognize it and accept our belated thanks.

"On 30 Oct 1944 on a daylight bombing operation to Wessling in Lancaster Y. near the target I feathered the starboard inner engine ( overheat and low oil pressure). We lagged but agreed it was safer to stay with the stream than go home alone. In the bombing run we lost the port inner to flak.

Homebound over the Netherlands now on 2 engines, behind and descending, we lost sight of the stream. Our plan if attacked by fighters was to start no.3, dive into a lower layer of cloud at 5000' and hope we could evade them. Almost immediately our rear gunner reported 4 unadentified fighters astern gaining rapidly, I started No 3. Then followed the longest minute of my life, when they were identified as Mustangs. ((You could hear my sye(sp) of relief in Saskatchewan- not in original narrative)).They bracketed us and stayed to half way across the channel saluted and left. We landed safely at Tuddenham.

To the 4 USA Mustang Pilots..... 4 Canadians and 3 British airmen owe you and we have not forgotten!

Jack Kaiser DFC CD, LCOL retired. RCAF

Posted By: Michael Wooldridge (michael6615@tiscali.co.uk) on 01/02/2007 4:26:31 PM EST

1st Lt Howard Lorenz;L'il Lassie (msg id: 2020)
I am trying to find out information about a P-51 pilot. His name was Howard Lorenz, He flew P-51K-10-NT Serial # 44-12076 L'il Lassie. The Aircraft was damaged in a landing accident at Florida Blanca in june 1945. I have tried to find out where Lt Lorenz went after and if there are any photographs of the plane itself. If anyone knows any information.....Thanks

Posted By: Howard Lorenz (howard.lorenz@gmail.com) on 11/29/2006 10:16:35 PM EST

Hello (msg id: 2019)
I flew P-47s with the 373rd Ftr Gp and P-51sw with the Tulsa, Oklahoma Air Guard. We converted to F-84s, were called up for the Korean War, received new F-84Gs and flew them to Europe as the 137th Fighter Group - later redesignated 48th Fighter Group.
On release from active duty, I came home to Oregon and stayed with the Oregon ANG until retirement at age 60. I would like to hear from anyone who flew with the 373rd in WW II or the 137th/48th during the Korean war.

Posted By: Staryl Austin (p473288@msn.com) on 10/20/2006 12:41:14 AM EST

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