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P51Pilots.com is dedicated to preserving the memories of the men and women who flew the P-51 Mustang in World War II and the Korean War. P51Pilots.com is a living memorial which will continue to grow for years to come. The goal of P51Pilots.com is to become the best resource for P-51 Mustang pilot information available on the web. But mostly, my goal is to archive online stories, pictures, and accounts about the P-51 Mustang and her pilots that will reach out from the past and touch the families and friends whose loved ones were a past of this amazing history.

I created P51Pilots.com because of my involvement with the P-47 Thunderbolt Pilots Association (www.p47pilots.com). Quite honestly, I've never been much of a history buff, but working with the P47 Pilots Association has changed my life. So much precious historical information - photos, stories, and memories - needs to be salvaged and recorded. Every day, another little bit of history lost forever, forgotten in old shoeboxes and stored away in the attics and cellars. We want to salvage these memories while they still have context, before the stories that surround them fade in your memories.

My vision for P51Pilots.com is to continually to expand this archive and make it bigger, richer, and better. My goal is to have as much information as possible on every pilot that ever flew the P51 Mustang. P51Pilots.com will feature many different archives of information, from P-51 Pilots Biographies to photos to stories to memoirs and more. I plan to grow this resource as long as new information is available. We continue to encourage Mustang pilots and their families to share their memories here so that their sacrifice will be remembered. We want the world to remember.

If you have stories, photos, or artifacts surrounding the P51 Mustang and her pilots to contact us at p51pilots@logicmountain.com.


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