List of all p51 Pilots:
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Pilot Name Biography Summary
Martha Davis Rupley I bought a Piper SuperCruiser, learned to fly, joined the Civil Air Patrol, and managed to get into the local Civilian Pilot Training Program, the only girl. After Nancy Love formed the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS) in Wilmington, Del., Jacqueline Cochran, together with General H.H. Arnold, planned the women's flight training program. I applied, was accepted, and reported to Houston in mid-December, 1942, for primary, basic, advanced, multi-engine, night, and instrument flying.
Ralph A. Santasiero He participated in the first flights on the "D-Day Invasion" June 6, 1944 and was later stationed with the same group on Cherbourg at Ste. Mare Eglise and St. Dizier, France. He flew 77 missions including escort, dive bombing, close support, destruction of railroads, ammunition dumps, bridges, tanks, artillery, anti-aircraft and enemy airfields. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with 13 Oak Leaf Clusters.
Robb Satterfield Helped develop fighter nuclear weapons delivery with F-84E. Had two tours in England and 4 Atlantic crossings to RAF Manston in 1950 and RAF Wethersfield in 1952. Was Operations Officer of the 51Oth FBS, 405th FBW, at Langley in F-84Fs. Graduated USAF Experimental Test Pilot School at Edwards in 1956
William A. Schmitz ......a career in aviation that spans more than 40 years of test flying and management in the aerospace industry was launched when 400 hours of "fountain pen time" was added to Bill's log book by a test pilot at Curtiss-Wright named Herb Fisher.
Robert D. Sharp Though not interested in airplanes as a youth, Bob finally discovered the joy of flying when he strapped into the cockpit of the "Jug" at Harding Field, Louisiana. This joy continued through P-51's, F-80's, T-33's, and the F-86. The "old gosport" was hung up in 1956. He is presently a Lt. Col. in the AF Retired Reserve.
James H. Simpson There were many memorable flights in the P-47, but one which he recalls involved a flight of 3 Thunderbolts on a ground support mission. Three Tiger tanks had one of our tank columns pinned down and they called upon our flight for help.....
Jane S. Sincell In 1942 Jacqueline Cochran recruited Jane and four other Washington area 99ers, who had over 200 hours flight time, for her first WASP training class at . Houston, Texas. At that time she was working I as assistant to the sales manager at Engineering Research Corp., the manufacturer of the Ercoupe airplane.
Bill F. Skinner August, 1947, Spartan School of Aeronautics. January, 1953, through May, 1980, Corporate Aviation Beach 35, 18,200, Sebreliner 40-60 and Obn-Mark A-26.
Charles Lee Smith He flew 96 missions plus three flights for which he received combat time but no mission credit. He remembers the sixth of June, D-Day, very well, but he remembers the 12th of June even better....
Everett Wilson Stewart WWII FIGHTER ACE!
Everett Stewart graduated from Kansas State University then joined the Army Reserves in 1938 then graduated from Flight School in May, 1939. He flew with the 20th Pursuit Group prior to December 7th and then flew combat missions as a flight commander, operations officer and finally squadron commander from Hawaii and Midway Island.
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