p51 Pilots Biographies, Last Name Starting With "L"
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Pilot Name Biography Summary
Charles (Chuck) William Lenfest WWII FIGHTER ACE!
Chuck Lenfest graduated from US Military Academy in January 1943 following completion of Flight School in December, 1942. He had approximately 500 hours of single engine time before flying his first combat mission with the 354th FS/355th FG in September 1943. He destroyed his first Me 109 on March 16, 1944 while his flight destroyed 4 more. Lenfest became an Ace on 6 August, 1944 early in his second tour, as 354FS Ops Officer, then led the 354th on the last Shuttle Mission over Warsaw in September, 1944.
Francis E. Lewis He re-joined the 36th for a second tour in jet fighters, the F-84, and returned home after 35 more missions and one MIG-15 probable late in 1951. Assigned to strategic nuclear fighters in SAC, he flew F-84F's with the 12th Strat Fighter Wing at Bergstrom AFB for six years, marrying Merle Tooke, and fathering daughter, Kathy, before taking on an AFIT university program at the University of Texas.
Barbara Erickson London BARBARA (ERICKSON) LONDON, born and raised in Seattle, Washington, where she attended the University of Washington. While in College, she took the first CPT program and then continued on to become an instructor in the program in 1941. While in the CPT program she won the Western Region Shell Aviation Scholarship and competed in the finals in Washington D.C. in 1940.
James E. Lundy I left instructing to get actively into the Air Corps as a Service Pilot and rank of Flight Officer. At Brownsville, Texas I was checked out on all pursuit type aircraft. Then I was assigned to the 6th Ferrying Group at Long Beach, California. While I was at Brownsville I met a WASP, Elizabeth Pearce, and later married her. Liz and I are the only husband and wife team who belong to the P-47 Association, and we are very proud of it.
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