p51 Pilots Biographies, Last Name Starting With "J"
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Pilot Name Biography Summary
Michael J. Jackson ....volunteered for flying training in 1941 and graduated from Kelly Field with the class of 42C as a second lieutenant. Following assignment as an instructor pilot at Randolph Field he was transferred to Stewart Field, United States Military Academy, West Point. He was one of fifty in the original cadre of instructors to teach basic, advanced and fighter training to West Point cadets. With the graduation of the first class with wings in June of 1943, Lieutenant Jackson volunteered for combat duty. Assigned to the 407th Fighter Bomber Group, he flew A-36's, P-51's and P-47's.
George W. Janovitz The Ninth Air Force flew some escort missions but the primary objective was close air support in support of Gen. Patton's 3rd Army. The 511th sqdn. on D-30 arrived at Picaville, France with subsequent (A-8,) at A-14, Creteville; A-64, St. Dizier and during the BULGE to Y-32 in Belgium, in support of the 1st US ARMY. He flew 95 missions and was Squadron Operations Officer at the time of rotation (4th of May 1945).
Paul D. Jewell He was assigned to the 514th Squadron of the 406th Fighter Group then stationed at Munster, Germany. While flying with the Squadron, only four days following the cessation of hostilities, Jewell had the questionable opportunity to use the skids of his Jug thanks to a terminally ill main bearing. Picked up by our British friends, he enjoyed their hospitality for over a week including an assigned Bat-Boy.
Robert H. Jones In 1953 he volunteered for exchange duty with the U.S. Navy and joined the 191st Fighter Squadron, checking out in the FAF-6 cougar jet fighter and, after corner qualifications; deployed to the Far East and Sea of Japan aboard the USS Oriskany (CVA-34).While aboard, the movie "Bridges of Toko-Ri" was filmed. Before the cruise ended in April, 1954, he had completed 61 corner landings and 59 catapult launches.
John V. Jordan After completion of all required training in the Thunderbolt, he was assigned combat duties with the 86th Fighter Group, 525th Squadron in Italy. The 86th was equipped with the A-36, "Invader" (P-51A with dive flaps) in support of "Operation Strangle." After completion of nine combat missions in the A-36, never learning how to start or stop it, his unit was re-equipped with the Thunderbolt. He flew another 100 missions in the P-47 from fields in Italy, Corsica, France, and Germany before returning home.
William J. Jordan Bill enlisted as an Aviation Cadet, Dec. 8, 1941 and received his commission and wings at Craig Field, Selma, Ala., class of 42-J. He was assigned to the 353rd Ftr. Gp. 352nd Ftr. Sq. that was sent to the 8th Air Force in England. Here Bill flew two tours of combat in the P-47 and P-51 with a combat record of two enemy aircraft destroyed in the air, one probably destroyed in the air, three destroyed on the ground and one destroyed on the ground shared.
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