p51 Pilots Biographies, Last Name Starting With "G"
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Pilot Name Biography Summary
Charles T. Gagel Typically routine for the Air Corps, after all that training in the P-47 , his first combat mission was flown in the P-51 out of New Guinea. He was assigned to the 360th Service Group, 5th Air Force and then assigned to the 58th Fighter Group, 311th Fighter Squadron, 5th Air Force where he remained in the P-47 until returning to the States.
Robert C. Garland In March of 1945, the war was centered in the mountains north of Manilla and Garland flew a total of 52 ground support missions during that campaign. It was during this period that the 348th received a Presidential Citation for dropping more ton age of bombs in one 30 day period than any other single group up to that time including the heavy bomb groups in the Pacific.

For his personal efforts Garland was awarded the Air Medal with 4 Battle Stars.

Charles E. Gilbert II FIGHTER AIRCRAFT FLOWN: include Hurricane, P-38, P-39, P-47, razorback, bubble and P-47 N, P-51H, F-84, F-94A and C, F-89 D and J. Total Hours: 3500. Enemy Aircraft Shot down: Two ME 109's. Citations: Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, One Oak Leaf Cluster, Air Medal, Eight Oak Leaf Cluster, Presidential Unit Citation, MTO Ribbon, five Battle Stars. As Commanding Officer of the 346th Fighter Squadron, I submitted the name of Lt. Raymond Knight, posthumously, for the Congressional Medal of Honor. It was awarded to his widow.
J. Alfred Gill Was assigned to Westover Air Base, Mass. for training in P-47, then assigned to the 362 Fighter Group, 379th Squadron for OTU.

From here the group was transferred to Wormingsford England in Oct. 1943, 8th Air Force. Then in March 1944 assigned to the 9th Air Force. Left the 362nd Group August 1944 and assigned to the 100th Fighter Wing in France. While overseas met and married present wife Joan Arnold Gill, from the Royal Air Force in Oct. 1944.

Gordon Marion Graham WWII FIGHTER ACE!
Following graduation from University of California - Berkley, with BS Petroleum Engineering in 1940, he joined Army Reserves and commissioned a Second Lieutenant when he completed pilot training at Craig Field, Alabama in August, 1942. He served in Training Command and was promoted to Major before shipping out to ETO in late, July 1944. Graham’s logbook had more than 2700 hours of single engine time.
Fred C. Gray Memories? D-Day; led 78th "A" Gp. on 1st and last of 7 missions back of Normandy. Got my one and only FW-190 on last. (8 hrs. 25 min. total). Dec. 1948, bailed out at night from an F-51 near Des Moines, under 200ft., swung once and hit hard!
Douglas C. Griggs Griggs was assigned to the 50th Fighter Group, 81st Fighter Squadron, 9th Air Force, Nancy, France. He flew escort and mostly ground support missions for the 3rd and 7th Armies. He is credited with 66 missions, 8 Air Medals, Commendation Ribbon, E.T.0. ribbon with two Battle Stars and one FW 190 in aerial combat.
Kenneth J. Gustafson After Pearl Harbor, returned to Minnesota and enlisted in Mar. 42 and joined class of 43H Cadets. Graduated at Marianna, Florida took P-47 training at Venice, Florida and shipped to North Africa. Joined the 57th Fighter Group, 65th Fighter Squadron and flew 125 missions over Italy and Southern France, mostly dive bombing and strafing, and some medium bomber escort.
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